The DotApp team is proud to announce that our flagship solution - the Software Licenses Manager app was successfully certified by Microsoft and it is now available in AppSource as Business Central extension. It has been in use for several years already as a fully-fledged vertical solution for a local cybersecurity business. As a part of the business's operation, Software Licenses manager successfully handles full inventory of software and hardware product licenses for thousand of home and business clients.

Microsoft's AppSource license ensures that our app holds the highest standards of quality software and documentation. This makes it more accessible and available for implementation to your business. To add to that, we seamlessly migrated it to the latest, best technologies brought by Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

We now have solid proof that the Software Licenses Manager app is ready for your business, be it local or in the cloud. If you're eager to find out how we can make your operation more profitable and efficient - contact us here.