CENTIO #Cybersecurity, the Bulgarian distributor of ESET, strongly depends on process automation and optimization of their operations and services. Their network spans over 600 partners, as well as direct sales to end customers with over 95% satisfaction.

We helped the company streamline their internal and external processes by providing a custom-tailored palette of applications, together with implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Our main challenge was migrating with minimal downtime due to the fact that CENTIO #Cybersecurity largely depends on the ERP system for its operation. To add to that, once work resumed, we had to make sure all connected internal and external systems (which includes a B2B partners portal and e-shop) went live at the same time and kept communicating seamlessly.

With our help, CENTIO #Cybersecurity’s services are now more reliable, efficient and accessible for partners and end customers alike. This successful collaboration will inevitably increase the company’s KPIs.